Planning your dream kitchen

The moment that you’ve made the decision to knock out the old cupboards and cabinets, rid yourself of that unsightly kitchen island and revamp your kitchen, your level of excitement will surely surge. You’ll be filled with ideas and your fingers won’t stop flipping through home improvement magazine pages in pursuit of your dream kitchen. However, before your wallet starts to relieve itself of your hard earned cash, you need to take a step back and think ‘practical’. It’s easy to settle on a design that just completely captivates you but before you get to purchasing, it is essential that proper planning is done. Having done so, you may realize that you’ll need to cut down on some of the features your selected design boasts or perhaps you’ll want to switch to a completely new design. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t the possibility that the design you had selected will be 100% perfect. If it is, you’ll at least give yourself the necessary reassurance and rid yourself from the possibility of regret.

What will work best in your home.

The overall style of your home can dictate just what designs will work well in your kitchen. While thisĀ  may not be the case for a closed off kitchen, it sure is for an open plan kitchen. When you’re dealing with a kitchen that opens into your living room, synchronization is essential. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to create the same feel throughout your entire home, however, the designs need to complement each other.

Space is another point that can not and should not be forgotten. Take proper measurements and ensure that the cabinets, kitchen island, and counter you decide on won’t have your kitchen looking overly crowded.


Refurbishing a kitchen isn’t a task that’s light on the pockets. As a result, you’ll want to ensure that the design you opt for is both modern and timeless. This will prevent you from frowning upon your kitchen in a few months because the style you had chosen has gone off the radar. This isn’t to say that a splash of personality shouldn’t be tossed into the mix. After all, the aim is to have kitchen that you’ll not only love today, but also love tomorrow. Be creative with the back splash or offer your kitchen a counter top with a wow factor.


‘Up’ isn’t the only way that you’ll be looking when in your kitchen. The same is true for your guests. The tiles you choose is just as important as the cabinets. However, this is a place where you can really think out of the box and unleash the designer within you.

Dream Kitchen Design

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