Modernizing your kitchen

Don’t think about the past, think about the future. This approach is what should be taken when renovating your kitchen. You want a design that will stand out; one that will be pulling you into the kitchen instead of steering you away from it.

Here are a few tips on how to move your kitchen into the modern world

Hanging lights

There’s nothing that says modern like extravagant lighting fixtures. If your kitchen island is long, 3 hanging lights with large lamp shades evenly distributed above the surface will make a statement that your guests won’t forget. Small kitchen islands will be uplifted by a single, unique hanging light positioned in the center.

Dark wood cabinets

Dark wood cabinets are great for more reasons than one. Not only do the look extraordinarily chic, but they also hide stains very well. It goes without saying that opting for darker cabinets will have your kitchen looking both impeccable and impeccably clean. This, however, may not be the best idea for smaller kitchens as the darker the additions, the smaller the space will seem, but for larger kitchens dark cabinets are perfection at its best.


Every modern kitchen needs a natural stone countertop. Whether granite or marble, slate or limestone, by choosing natural stone you won’t only be opting for a durable addition to your kitchen, you’ll be opting for something that looks great. You’ll still, however, want to ensure that things are uniformed and thus, it is imperative the countertops perfectly complement your cabinets.


This is where things can really get creative. It is, however, just up to you to step out of the box and explore the options you have. Many people don’t realize just how much of an effect flooring has on the overall kitchen until everything’s in place. Natural stone tiles like marble are perfect for a modern kitchen.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances are the ideal way to finish off a modern kitchen. It’s one of those additions that subtly highlights a room which is perhaps what makes it so great. There’s literally no modern kitchen design that won’t welcome stainless steel with open arms and thus, selecting stainless steel appliances for your kitchen will be exceptionally easy.

Glass fixtures

Additional pieces like a glass wine rack or perhaps a glass cabinet for dishes also go well in kitchens that take on a modern style. Of course, with such a feature, you will want to make certain that your organization game is on point.


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